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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


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Sunday, June 25, 2006


The Nuna-Numa blog videos

This page is dedicated to the THOUSANDS who have posted this video lip sync on YOUTUBE
Hey what can I say- they put these all on public share space on youtube.
So they are Share-able ... anyone wants thiers taken down from here- pls just comment.
As a journalist I consider it an interesting story months after the song passed the airwaves it lives on in so many forma.
Some of the highest rated links are below from you Tube....
Let just call it a Sunday page ...
God Bless you all.

In this crazy world we all need to laugh and yuma-yuma now and then!





















An explanation

Let's just say i decided to do a blog and couldn't think after 1,000 + posts what to say--- I surfed youtube - and - well...
Came across the dozens of songs based on the Numa-Numa song...
So I decided to post a few of my favorite adaptations of the sillyness, fun, lame and other stuff this fun song came up with.

All in the name of fun...

NOTE: if you want your video removed please just pop in a comment and as soon as I get it I will delete it.

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